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Guidelines in Writing a Book

Tweet Writing a book is not an easy job, it requires a great talent, passion, time and patience. If you are a newbie or a first time writer, it is hard for you at first but then, constant practice and

Tips and Tricks To Become a Good Writer

Tweet Being a writer is just an easy job, but being a good writer is a great challenge. A good writer doesn’t necessarily mean that you can write something but, how effective is your work to your readers, how could

Five Questions Every Writer Should Answer Before Writing a Book

Tweet Being a writer and having a book is like having a business and a business have a marketing plan. So, as a professional writer and you wish to publish your new book, you should always have a unique marketing

Good Qualities of a Content Writer

Tweet Content is a very important part of the world wide web. Imagine a page without a content, plain and dull isn’t it? That is why on every page, a content is badly needed and it is one of the

Best guides in buying e-books

Tweet Do you love to read but hate to carry those bulky and heavy books? E-books are the answer for you. It can make you select a variety of selection of books and at the same time, it is more

Do’s and Don’t’s in selecting e-books

Tweet E-books are very much in demand  because it is very useful especially when we have nothing to do and we want to make our time very productive. It will enhance our brain through reading, widen our vocabulary and explore

How to promote e-books

Tweet   Before, ordinary books are the one that people use in reading their favorite novels but now, e-books are out in the market and it is more in demand. E-books or electronic books are electronic versions of printed books.

How to choose your best writers

Tweet   Sometimes in this busy life, we need a help of a someone most especially in the web industry. There are a lot of things to do and we could not handle to finish it alone that is why