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Are you tired of being hounded by credit card collectors?

Are you sick of being behind on your bills?

Rogue entrepreneur Tom Corson-Knowles owns a debt buying company. That's right, he BUYS credit card debt and collects it.

In this book, Tom shares what the banks and collections agencies DON'T want you to know - how to settle your credit card debt at an 80% discount with a 5 minutes phone call.

How To Reduce Your Debt Overnight: A Simple System For Eliminating Credit Card And Consumer Debt is the ultimate guide for getting out of debt. Over 100 Million Americans are head-over-heels in debt today - why have we fallen so far so fast?

Entrepreneur and investor Tom Corson-Knowles shares his point of view as the owner of a credit card debt buying company. Having worked with hundreds of consumers in credit card debt, Tom has seen first-hand the mistakes people make that get them into debt - and keep them stuck there.

Tom also knows how to achieve financial success personally in the business world. That's how he created this simple system for eliminating debt and creating financial success in your life.