Do’s and Don’t’s in selecting e-books

E-books are very much in demand  because it is very useful especially when we have nothing to do and we want to make our time very productive. It will enhance our brain through reading, widen our vocabulary and explore our imaginations. In overall, it can tickle our mind to think and to waste our time doing nothing. Aside from these, here are some benefits of e-books to us:

e books

  • E-books can help our brain’s activity since reading is an active mental procedure. It can make our brain smarter and sharper as well.
  • E-books add additional information to us that is why it is considered as a skill builder. Not all things are taken up in the classroom that is why we should also make a way to add additional vocabulary, words and ideas to our minds.
  • E-books can give us glimpses to other countries, places and events. Through reading, we could visualize and imagine a certain place through its description. That is why, it helps our visualization grow clearer as we read day by day.

Since there are many e-books available in the market and everywhere, we tend to select according to our interest and likes. But we should know the different do’s and don’t in choosing an e-book.

do's and dont's in sleecting e-books

  • Don’t choose  favorites. I know we all have favorite books but isn’t it boring to read it over and over again? Reading our favorite books all the time may lose us to the opportunity of reading and learning new things from other books. Refrain also from reading other’s favorite books because we all have different perceptions and your friend’s perception is different from yours. So, don’t follow her/his likes because they may find it very interesting, but for you it was just an ordinary thing. It will give you disappointments at the end. Try to discover something new.
  • Never set limits. If you choose the standards of your books, you will just limit yourself from reading other books. Just be open to everything. At the end, you will realize that you have gained something good.
  • Don’t choose books together for a certain year. Choosing books for a year could make you lose the opportunity of a new existing book for that year because you had already chosen. Just choose one at a time. Not so many that could block you from the opportunities of new books.
  • Don’t read just one genre of books. Reading one type of books will just lead you to boredom and for the worst may give you the lack of interest to read. Try to vary your selections in order for you to get the spice.
  • Do read the books through the themes. Reading books through themes like for example this month you will read stories about India, on the other month about history, or on the other month about contemporary classics. You may also try reading by the author. This will also help you to shift your attention form one topic to another.



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