Five Questions Every Writer Should Answer Before Writing a Book

Being a writer and having a book is like having a business and a business have a marketing plan. So, as a professional writer and you wish to publish your new book, you should always have a unique marketing scheme of your own.  Marketing strategies begin with a simple question such as:

  • What is the purpose of your book?

Determine the goal and purpose of your book would make you determine what you want to accomplish. In writing a book, it is not just all about writing, selling and making a profit. But, it is more on what you want your readers to be aware, to discover, to know and to learn. Readers buy and read a book, not just to kill their time but they want also to  enhance their knowledge, learn new things, hear different experiences, and discover new insights. A book is not just a book, it can change one’s life, certain principles, it can even help improve our thinking, and open our ideas and minds to new things.

  • Who is your target?

In writing a book, you should be aware who is your audience. Considering your target will help you in your marketing schemes and skills. If you know your target, you would also know their needs and in that way, you know how to attract their attention to you and to your book. For example, if your target is more on young and teenage people, your focus on more on fantasy like vampire story books. If your audience is early adulthood, your focus is more on success and how to reach their careers and goals in life. If your focus is late adulthood, it is more on self- actualization and self-fulfillment.If on businessmen,  you focus more on strategic planning and marketing schemes.

In this way that you know what your audience’s needs, you also know about how to position your marketing strategies and it is easier for you to sell your book.

  • How is your book unique from others?

There are millions of books out in the market, and you should always know about how to make your book different from the rest.  How your book appears appealing and interesting to others?

  • Does your book fit within the industry?

Make sure that your book fits in the industry and it should be appealing to the readers.

  • Where is your target and how would you like to reach them?

Always remember that don’t limit your readers. If they are far, make use of the social media like the Fcaebook and twitters. Since in today’s world, everything is digital and depends everything on the internet, you can find them on in the social networks.

These Five questions can help you publish your new book and hopefully, could increase your sales. Just always remember that writing a book, it should be “reader-centered” for them to feel that they are appreciated. In this way also, they would feel that their needs are catered by you.

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