Guidelines in Writing a Book

If a book is well written, I find it too short.

Writing a book is not an easy job, it requires a great talent, passion, time and patience. If you are a newbie or a first time writer, it is hard for you at first but then, constant practice and experience will make you a great one.

If you want to write a book, there should be a guide for you. A guide which will make your mind up what to write, what you want to convey to your readers, and what you want to tell. But then, some writers are inspired by their favorite old time writers. So, they follow how those writers write and how they present their book. This also looks fine but make sure you compose your own story.

Since I wrote for years already, I will help you some tips and guidelines how to write a book and here are those:

  • Gather your thought first.

In writing a book, you should first contemplate very well what you want to write. It helps when you write it down on a piece of paper so that you may not tend to forget. List also materials that you will be needed and settle also the place and time where and when you want to write so that it would be easier for you.

  • Write freely without hesitation

The most important rule in writing is to write freely without minding what would others would think about your work. What is good about writing freely is you can express yourself in a more creative way and the confidence is seen in your work.

  • Find a place that is conducive to working.

Make sure that it is quiet and peaceful enough for you to think and work without distraction. Your own room would also be fine as long as you can concentrate and can work effectively. Places like garage a small office and extra room will be good as long as there are no several people that would disrupt and disturb you. Avoid places like coffee shops, restaurants and malls.


  • Know your reader’s demands.

One most helpful tip in writing a book is to know your reader’s demand. One more important factor is also to know the needs of the readers according to their age group. For example, if your readers are young teenagers, you may write more about vampire romantic novels. For early adult, you can write about careers and success. But for late adulthood, you may consider writing about self-actualization and self-fulfillment.

  • Write on a regular basis.

Always remember that writing is not just a one time scenario, it is a growing skill. So, you must regularly update your work so that your readers may look forward to your work once in a while.

  • Make a good title

If you are a good writer, title must be catchy to the readers. But, if your book’s genre is fiction and non-fiction, you can use of the keywords.

  • Edit work perfectly.

Once you have finished your work, you must edit it and make sure it is error-free. If you cannot do it yourself, hire someone to do it.

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