How to promote e-books

How to promote e-books

Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing


Before, ordinary books are the one that people use in reading their favorite novels but now, e-books are out in the market and it is more in demand. E-books or electronic books are electronic versions of printed books. It is more convenient, handy because you can download it to your phone or tablet and you can download as many books as you want without carrying the heavy weight. However, the downside of e-books is that it is very expensive and it cost half the price of an ordinary book.

Since e-books are very in demand in the market today, every author would make way on how to promote their own books because competitors are everywhere and they should practice healthy competition in this matter.

Here are the ways on how to promote your e-books to readers:

  • Through people

Promoting your e-books through people is very important most especially to readers who are constantly reading. Make a habit to update your site about your new release books in order for them to be aware and become updated.

Your co- writers would be very helpful because you can guest blog on their site and advertise your book. In that way, many readers could see it. Don’t forget to link to your site so that it is easier for them to check the site. When guest blogging, don’t always forget to include information about your new released books such as the genre, how many days it will be free, and how much is the book after the free promo program so that readers would have knowledge about it.

  • Through web

In today’s technology, almost everybody depends on the internet. When it comes to news, latest trend, updates and even the release of new books. That is why, internet is very important in promoting new books because almost everybody could be aware if you will use the internet.

Just make sure you advertise it very well in order for readers to be curious about your new book. Make a small description about the story and make it a way that they would be interested to read. Do not summarize the whole story because it will give them the whole idea of the book and will not buy anymore.

  • Through reading

Sometimes, there are a lot of things that we still don’t know and one way  of adding our knowledge is through reading. Through reading, we could learn how to promote books aside from the normal way of promoting it, It is always better that we should seek for more extraordinary  and exert extra effort in order for us to have an edge from the rest.

We take reading for granted but we just don’t know that it could help a lot in all things. Reading can consume a lot of our time but it can add to our knowledge big time.

Here are the few tips on how to promote e-books. This may be very simple but surely, it will help you a lot.







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