Tips and Tricks To Become a Good Writer

Being a writer is just an easy job, but being a good writer is a great challenge. A good writer doesn’t necessarily mean that you can write something but, how effective is your work to your readers, how could you influence people and the most of all, how can you change life into a positive one through your book.

Look in your heart and write.

There are many people who were helped by the books they have read and changed their lives forever. That is why, being a good writer is really a tough job and it is not just achieved overnight. It is helped by constant practice and experiences.

I hope these tips could help you become a good writer:

  • Be a good reader

For me, this is the most basic tip to become a better writer because  you have to be a good reader first before you will be a good writer. You cannot write something sensible if you don’t read and if you don’t read, you don’t know anything. Reading also enhance your grammar and can improve your writing skills as well in terms of style and format.

That is why, if you are just starting to be a writer, start to read now and if you are already an old writer, don’t stop reading because it will really help you a lot.

  • Practice regularly

They say, practice makes perfect and it goes the same way with writing. If you write often, you will know your flaws and mistakes and therefore, you know what to improve. So as a starter, practice all the time because it will give you a good foundation. If you are a long time writer, don’t be complacent, you also need to practice also.

  • Choose right words

Being a good writer, you really need a wide range of word vocabulary. Not just that, you also need to use words properly because improper use of words is really meaningless. So as a tip, try to read vocabulary books and dictionaries to improve this skill.

  • Be confident

As a good writer, be confident in a sense that, you could express yourself very and never limit your words because you are shy. That is your book and you all have the authority on it. So, get out of your shell and show the world that you can do it.

  • Be straight to the point

A big “no-no” when it comes to writing is beating around the bush because aside from making your readers uninterested, you can disappoint them instantly. Therefore, if you want to say something, say it straight to your readers. Surely, they will like it this way. Rather than, fooling them around ideas without main point.

  • Be creative

Above all these qualities, you still have to be creative because it makes your readers interested to your work. It also makes them excited about you and your output. If you are creative in your work, you add spirit, fun and flavor that everybody would really love.


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