Why Would An Author Give Away Books For Free?

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Why would an author give away their Kindle books for free?

Why do authors give away their books for free on Amazon Kindle?

Well, there are lots of reasons!

First of all, Amazon recognizes that an independent author’s biggest struggle is finding new readers and gaining exposure in the marketplace. By allowing authors to promote their book for free for up to 5 days, Amazon is letting its customers “test out” these new or independent authors to see how good they really are.This leads to hundreds, thousands, and, in some cases, tens of thousands of new readers for a book that might never have been published at all in the world of traditional publishing (not necessarily because of the quality of the book, but because we all know the old system of publishing was broken in the first place).

Today, becoming a published author on Amazon Kindle is easier than ever – but marketing is still the toughest part for new authors. That’s why if you’re a new author promoting your book for free on Amazon Kindle could be your best bet for getting new customers and exposure in the marketplace!

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